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Green Cards

Informally known as “green cards”, United States Permanent Resident Cards grant an alien (person holding foreign citizenship) permission to reside and obtain employment in the country on a permanent basis without conferring US Citizenship. Individuals who hold a green card are considered to be Lawful Permanent Residents and may remain within the country for a period of time much greater than that afforded by a visa. The process for obtaining a green card can be quite complicated, confusing, and the medical examination, interview, and other steps along the way can be more than a little intimidating.

An empathetic and experienced Austin immigration lawyer can help you to better understand the process and to avoid costly errors that could result in the delay or denial of your desired residency. Contact Austin immigration attorney William Jang at 512-323-2333 to begin taking the necessary measures to protect the future that you have envisioned for your family or your business.

Employment vs. Family Based Permanent Residency

The immigration laws in this country have been crafted with both humanitarian and economic concerns in mind. As a consequence, green cards are made available for either business needs (employment based) or personal needs (family based). The Law Office of William Jang, PLLC is prepared to help with matters that fall into either of these categories, more specifically elaborated as follows:

Employment Based:

Family Based:

Immediate Relatives of US Citizens: Family Based Immigration

FB1 – First Preference Family Based Immigration:

FB2 -Second Preference Family Based Immigration:

FB3 – First Preference Family Based Immigration:

FB4 – First Preference Family Based Immigration:

Miscellaneous Green Card-Related Documents and Concerns:

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There are no guarantees in the immigration process, but without the assistance of a skilled attorney you would be taking needless chances with your application for a green card. Contact the Austin immigration lawyers at the Law Office of William Jang, PLLC today at 512-323-2333 for more information.

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