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Democratic, Republican leaders say comprehensive immigration reform could pass this year

Earlier this month, Democratic San Antonio, Texas Mayor Julian Castro and former Republican Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour both stated their belief that Congress could pass comprehensive immigration reform this year.

According to Castro, passing immigration reform can be a matter of timing, and that when the Republican primaries are over, the passage of immigration legislation might be a little easier.

Castro also mentioned that legislators might find a way to resolve political obstacles such as the issue of border security, saying that border security is a term that is “rarely defined” and has been used “politically in a way that ends the discussion.”

Barbour also mentioned border security and highlighted the importance of ensuring that the U.S.’s border is secure, but also stated that he believes immigration reform can be achieved in an “appropriate” way. He also noted that if immigration reform fails, Republicans will likely be blamed for the failure.

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Republican, Democratic candidates in Texas mark different stances on immigration law

Republican candidates in Texas are of the opinion that stricter policies on immigration would make them popular with state voters as they plan for the March 4 primary elections, looking for support from the party’s base.

Contradictory to this position, the Democrats are banking on strengthening policies for immigrants to work for them, as they plan on capturing the Hispanic voter sector.

State Republicans are veering away from the national party’s more moderate stance on immigration laws to accommodate the wishes of Republican voters in Texas, who are hoping for the implementation of more stringent immigration policies.

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Texas business group leader supports bipartisan immigration reform

Eager for the business sector to be protected instead of being the enforcement body when it comes to the state’s immigration system, the Texas Association of Business (TAB) announced Monday its support for bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform.

Teaming up with a group of religious leaders and law enforcement, TAB’s president Bill Hammond announced this position a day before President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address and two days preceding the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing on the comprehensive immigration reform proposal.

Among the formed group’s main objectives for immigration reform are establishing worker programs, setting a proper citizenship procedure for aspiring citizens, and creating mechanisms for border security and community safety.

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