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Immigration reform backed by tea party leader Sal Russo

National tea party leader Sal Russo, who sits as the co-founder of Tea Party Express, issued statements supporting nationwide immigration reform legislation that aims to provide citizenship to the 11.5 million illegal immigrants already residing in the United States, KVUE reported on May 14.

In an opinion piece in the newspaper Roll Call, Russo made public his opinion that the Republican conservatives should be at the forefront of penning a comprehensive immigration measure to ensure that their views, voices, and concerns will have representation. This way, in Russo’s words, the bill will not only cater to the interests of “liberal do-gooder reformers.”

Russo’s declaration is interesting because even though many Republicans have made known that they support the establishment of a nationwide immigration reform measure, members of the Tea Party have been known to oppose the action of crafting such a proposal.

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House Democrats push for vote on immigration reform

Democrats in the House of Representatives are seeking to get the ball rolling on raising the minimum wage and streamlining immigration laws once Congress resumes session on Monday, February 24.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Democrat of California) said the Democrats will make a move on the wage issue after Congress returns from a break by utilizing a “discharge petition,” a legislative tactic that entails getting the support of two dozen of the majority party, in this case the Republicans, and forcing a vote on an issue.

Voting on the overhaul of immigration laws, meanwhile, could happen in a few months, Pelosi said.

The two issues are said to be priorities of President Barack Obama, and that a majority of the Americans found the measures favorable, House Democrats said earlier.

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Obama prioritizes national comprehensive immigration reform law

President Barack Obama stated on Thursday, October 24 that it is imperative Congress pass a national comprehensive immigration reform law. White House officials have proclaimed that this goal is at the top of Obama’s agenda for his talk at the East Room of the White House, to be participated in by members of both the Senate and the House.

With the government shutdown finally concluded during the third week of October, Obama has made the immigration reform law his priority and has tasked Congress with finishing deliberations on the proposed legislation this year so the law could be signed at least by early next year.

The Senate passed its bipartisan version of the bill last June and wants the House to follow suit. Republicans in the House of Representatives, however, are more amenable to a piece-by-piece type of legislation.

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Nationwide protesters rally for immigration reform

Over 150 cities nationwide rallied Saturday, October 5 to urge Republicans and Democrats in the House of Representatives to act on the pending issue of immigration reform in the country.

Austin Immigrants Rights Coalition executive director Alejandro Caceres said 14% of the total immigration population in the United States resides in Texas. Their organization is pushing for comprehensive immigration reform.

Moreover, the PEW Research Center said that nearly three out of every four children of illegal immigrants are technically U.S. citizens by birth.

Caceres noted that a daily crisis for immigrant families in Texas is when they get targeted by immigration officials even if they have no criminal record.

Caceres added that with every day the House delays acting on immigration laws, 1,100 immigrants are deported.

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Anxiety fills Democrats regarding immigration reform bill as 2013’s session close nears

Congressional Democrats are still hoping that Congress may be able to pass a law on immigration reform that would pave the way for the 11 million illegal immigrants already in the United States to become naturalized citizens. However, they admitted that time might be running out and the issue might not be worked out until next year, or even longer than that, if Republicans in the House still fail to pass its own version of the bill approved by the Senate last June.

U.S. Rep. Filemon Vela (Democrat-Brownsville) said budget issues, the debt ceiling, and the government shutdown will likely fill the agenda on the floor, and that discussions regarding the Syria conflict have already eaten into Congress’s schedule.

According to the House calendar, Congress will only have nine more weeks of session for the year since its resumption on September 9 before it goes on break again.

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Citizenship for 11 million illegal residents cause of contention

With the proposed national immigration reform bill hot on Congress’s agenda, the contending question that needs to be resolved is whether the 11 million immigrants already in the U.S. should be allowed citizenship or not.

Several House Republicans are of the opinion that people who illegally crossed the border or overstayed their visas should not be fixed with a tailor-made solution to become instant American citizens, and that such a process should be reserved for those people who want to undergo the process through legal channels. On the other hand, many others believe that these illegal residents should have some sort of pathway to obtaining citizenship.

Congress returns to session on September 9, with the House on its way to vote on the crucial bill. The Democratic-controlled Senate already passed its own version of the bill last June, with main provisions including border security, a revamp of the legal immigration system, and a 13-year path to citizenship for immigrants already in the country.

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Activists urge House Whip to act on immigration bill in upcoming session

Around 1,500 activists arrived at the third-ranking House Republican’s congressional district in Bakersfield, California on August 14 to encourage action on the national comprehensive immigration reform bill, demanding a vote on it this fall when congressmen return from a five-week summer recess.

According to Korean Resource Center executive director Hee Joo Yoon, they would like to “send a clear message” to House Whip Kevin McCarthy, seeking that he takes action on the citizenship bill.

The GOP-led House of Representatives failed to make a decision on sweeping immigration measures, including eventual citizenship for 11 million immigrants already in the United States illegally, before the end of the last session. The Senate had already passed its version of the bill in June, which included funding for border security, different visa and workplace enforcement measures, and a 13-year road to citizenship.

Congressmen have refused to pass a single, unified bill, saying they will take these issues by piece, starting with border security.

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Many join immigration reform rally in Austin

In a bid to encourage the passage of a more comprehensive national immigration reform law, hundreds of people from all over Texas marched through the streets of downtown Austin before conducting the “Texans Demand Immigration Reform” rally in late February 2012.

According to Border Network for Human Rights in El Paso executive director Fernando Garcia, a lot has changed in the past years from when people were opposing the institution of anti-immigrant agendas in Texas to today’s focus on finding a solution for this problem.

He added that two years ago, protesters were rallying against a bill that would cause disadvantages for undocumented immigrants. Lately, however, those seeking immigration changes are looking for ways in which people can be integrated into their new society and have better opportunities for becoming a citizen.

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