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House Republicans intend to take time with immigration reform bill

Although the Senate passed the immigration reform bill before Majority Leader Harry Reid’s July 4 deadline, approving it on Thursday, June 27, Republicans in the House of Representatives, recently made it clear that they were in no rush to approve the so-called Gang of Eight’s plan.

House Judiciary Committee chairman Bob Goodlatte (Republican of Virginia) said on Sunday, June 30, on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the House will take into consideration the bipartisan bill that came from the Senate, but that the House version would reflect the majority of the Republicans’ votes.

Illinois Democrat Representative Luis Gutierrez, a member of a bipartisan group working on a comprehensive proposal in the House, said the Republicans were crafting a “Republican solution.”

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Amendment to immigration reform bill introduced

Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz filed an amendment to the immigration reform bill being discussed at the Senate, which seeks to allow people displaced by climate change to pursue conditional legal status, on June 27.

Schatz, according to political blog ThinkProgress, said that his bill seeks to recognize climate change as one of the factors of homelessness in the world, and that America has “an obligation not to deport people back to a country made uninhabitable by sea level rise and other extreme environmental changes that render these states desolate.”

Schatz, however, made it clear that his amendment will not make it possible for people to use it as an avenue for seeking political asylum in the United States.

If approved along with the rest of the immigration reform bill, Homeland Security in consultation with the State Department, will have the power to designate climate-change affected people as stateless persons.

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