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Immigration reform backed by tea party leader Sal Russo

National tea party leader Sal Russo, who sits as the co-founder of Tea Party Express, issued statements supporting nationwide immigration reform legislation that aims to provide citizenship to the 11.5 million illegal immigrants already residing in the United States, KVUE reported on May 14.

In an opinion piece in the newspaper Roll Call, Russo made public his opinion that the Republican conservatives should be at the forefront of penning a comprehensive immigration measure to ensure that their views, voices, and concerns will have representation. This way, in Russo’s words, the bill will not only cater to the interests of “liberal do-gooder reformers.”

Russo’s declaration is interesting because even though many Republicans have made known that they support the establishment of a nationwide immigration reform measure, members of the Tea Party have been known to oppose the action of crafting such a proposal.

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Immigration advocates tentatively welcome new immigration legislation

Austin immigration advocates expressed their support for the Senate’s 844-page immigration reform bill, which is deemed to change the country’s immigration law and make it possible for 11.5 million unauthorized immigrants, with 1 million of them coming from Texas, to become naturalized as citizens. This support, however, did not come without some reservations.

The U.S. Senate finalized the long-awaited reform bill last Wednesday, April 17. Critics of the legislation bashed the provision which states that unauthorized immigrants who came to the U.S. after December 31, 2011 wouldn’t be allowed to apply for temporary legal status.

Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition director Esther Reyes said their group will petition to have the number of people eligible for citizenship expanded and will clamor for reforms to bring together families that have been separated by deportation or detention.

Data from Grassroots Leadership, chaired by Bob Libal, show that more than 400,000 families in Texas were separated because of deportation in 2012.

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