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Over 100 illegal immigrants found in Houston house

The Houston Police Department reported last Wednesday morning, March 19 that they found over 100 people, presumed to be illegal immigrants, locked away in a Houston safe house.

Five men believed to be running the operation were questioned and detained at the scene of the incident.

Police said they started investigating the case when a family residing in Houston reported a woman and her children missing. They then conducted at a stake-out and patrolled the area nearby her place of residence.

Police officers discovered 94 men and 15 women, one of whom was pregnant, locked inside the house. The property only had one functional bathroom.

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Immigration advocacy groups call on Obama for help

Many pro-immigrant groups have asked President Barack Obama to utilize his power as the country’s chief executive in order to halt the sudden deportation of immigrants.

Groups, like America’s Voice, are demanding reasonable solutions to the unresolved immigration status of nearly 11 million illegal U.S. immigrants.

Advocacy groups have called upon Obama to broaden his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which aims to reunite children brought illegally into the United States with their parents.

The groups also suggested that Obama order immigration officers to delay action against laborers who helped prosecute law-violating employers, as well as laborers who are not threats to national security.

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