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Government shutdown affects 37,000 immigration cases

The 2013 government shutdown has delayed some immigration hearings by a year. Immigration cases meant to be tried during the first few months of 2014 are now relegated to be heard at the end of the year.

In an Oct. 16, 2013 email to his staff, Chief Immigration Judge Brian O’Leary said that over 37,000 deferred immigration hearings probably won’t be heard until 2015.

Before the shutdown, the immigration court system had many pending and unacknowledged immigration cases. This backlogging was only made much worse by the shutdown.

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Police arrest six people at an Austin immigration rally

On Monday, February 3, 6 people were arrested during an anti-deportation rally. The rally occurred near the exit of the Travis County jail.

The six people who were arrested during the protest were identified as Rocio Villalobos, Lindsay Porter, Nancy Rodriguez, Maribel Falcon, Piper Madison, and Cristina Parker. The arrestee’s were detained in Travis County jail and later transferred to a federal building where they awaited Immigration Customs and Enforcement officers.

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House debates immigration overhaul

Republican congressmen at the House of Representatives are working towards reviving discussions about a national immigration reform which would naturalize 11,000 immigrants already in the United States.

House judiciary committee chairman Bob Goodlatte (Republican of Virginia) is working with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor to design a measure that would grant citizenship to 11,000 immigrants.

Goodlatte is pushing for the House to cast its vote by the end of October, but so far House leaders have yet to make a commitment.

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