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More than 360,000 immigrants deported from the U.S. in 2013

Around 368,644 immigrants to the United States were sent out of the country by the Obama administration in 2013, according to a high-ranking official from the nation’s immigration agency. John Sandweg, acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said 235,093 of the total number of deported immigrants were arrested within the vicinity of the U.S.-Mexico border.

In 2012, ICE deported more than 409,000 immigrants. Over 1.9 million immigrants have been deported via the actions of ICE since 2009.

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Anxiety fills Democrats regarding immigration reform bill as 2013’s session close nears

Congressional Democrats are still hoping that Congress may be able to pass a law on immigration reform that would pave the way for the 11 million illegal immigrants already in the United States to become naturalized citizens. However, they admitted that time might be running out and the issue might not be worked out until next year, or even longer than that, if Republicans in the House still fail to pass its own version of the bill approved by the Senate last June.

U.S. Rep. Filemon Vela (Democrat-Brownsville) said budget issues, the debt ceiling, and the government shutdown will likely fill the agenda on the floor, and that discussions regarding the Syria conflict have already eaten into Congress’s schedule.

According to the House calendar, Congress will only have nine more weeks of session for the year since its resumption on September 9 before it goes on break again.

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Activists urge House Whip to act on immigration bill in upcoming session

Around 1,500 activists arrived at the third-ranking House Republican’s congressional district in Bakersfield, California on August 14 to encourage action on the national comprehensive immigration reform bill, demanding a vote on it this fall when congressmen return from a five-week summer recess.

According to Korean Resource Center executive director Hee Joo Yoon, they would like to “send a clear message” to House Whip Kevin McCarthy, seeking that he takes action on the citizenship bill.

The GOP-led House of Representatives failed to make a decision on sweeping immigration measures, including eventual citizenship for 11 million immigrants already in the United States illegally, before the end of the last session. The Senate had already passed its version of the bill in June, which included funding for border security, different visa and workplace enforcement measures, and a 13-year road to citizenship.

Congressmen have refused to pass a single, unified bill, saying they will take these issues by piece, starting with border security.

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John Boehner declines to comment on immigration law and citizenship

House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner (Republican of Ohio) declined to discuss whether he thinks the proposed legislation on national comprehensive immigration law should pave the way for undocumented immigrants to gain citizenship, saying debates on the House floor are “not about me and about allowing the House to work its will.”

Boehner said that as the House leader, he should remain unbiased so as to conduct a smooth-flowing process towards gaining consensus in the House, and that his role in the proceedings is as facilitator only. When asked about what it feels like to manage one of the least publicly-approved Congresses of all time, Boehner said the legislators shouldn’t be judged based on the laws they managed to enact but based on the laws they managed to repeal.

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House Republicans intend to take time with immigration reform bill

Although the Senate passed the immigration reform bill before Majority Leader Harry Reid’s July 4 deadline, approving it on Thursday, June 27, Republicans in the House of Representatives, recently made it clear that they were in no rush to approve the so-called Gang of Eight’s plan.

House Judiciary Committee chairman Bob Goodlatte (Republican of Virginia) said on Sunday, June 30, on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the House will take into consideration the bipartisan bill that came from the Senate, but that the House version would reflect the majority of the Republicans’ votes.

Illinois Democrat Representative Luis Gutierrez, a member of a bipartisan group working on a comprehensive proposal in the House, said the Republicans were crafting a “Republican solution.”

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Amendment to immigration reform bill introduced

Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz filed an amendment to the immigration reform bill being discussed at the Senate, which seeks to allow people displaced by climate change to pursue conditional legal status, on June 27.

Schatz, according to political blog ThinkProgress, said that his bill seeks to recognize climate change as one of the factors of homelessness in the world, and that America has “an obligation not to deport people back to a country made uninhabitable by sea level rise and other extreme environmental changes that render these states desolate.”

Schatz, however, made it clear that his amendment will not make it possible for people to use it as an avenue for seeking political asylum in the United States.

If approved along with the rest of the immigration reform bill, Homeland Security in consultation with the State Department, will have the power to designate climate-change affected people as stateless persons.

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Political insider discusses problems with the national immigration reform bill

Former New York lieutenant governor Betsy McCaughey, experienced at reading large bills from Congress, has listed six major problems concerning a national immigration reform bill currently being considered by the Senate.

Claiming “you can’t find five members of Congress who have read” the Senate’s new immigration bill, McCaughey said the proposed legislation consists mainly of agenda for several interest groups.

McCaughey said that the bill overall threatens border security and creates a difficult and problem-ridden path to citizenship.

Among the bill’s flaws, according to McCaughey, include its propensity for weakening rules for asylum seekers; sending government jobs to community organizers; not making it possible for new citizens to become self-supporting; being too expensive; preventing border enforcement agents from the performance of their basic, day-to-day jobs; and doubling the legal immigrant population with green cards.

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Senate debates on immigration bill start

Debates on the Senate floor regarding the controversial national immigration reform bill finally began on June 7.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid lauded the benefits of the proposed legislation, stating it should fix many of the problems with the current immigration system. Reid said the bill is essential and makes sense, as illegal immigrants will be given a chance to make a conscious effort to conform with federal laws and it will make the U.S. a safer place.

On the other hand, Republican Senator Jeff Sessions, who is against the bill, stated that it will not be successful in terms of curbing illegal immigration, as the proposed legislation offers amnesty without really putting the law into effect.

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Bipartisan group releases immigration plan

A bipartisan group of congressmen in the Senate have released the details for a plan to overhaul America’s immigration system after months of negotiation concerning the plan’s details.

Probably the most critical element of the plan is the path to citizenship that it creates for immigrants who are currently in the country against the law. Those who meet a number of criteria, as well as paying certain fines to the government, are entitled to registered provisional status, which allows immigrants to remain in the country legally without risk of deportation. After a period of years, this status would have to be updated, and could eventually lead to permanent citizenship in the U.S.

High-skilled immigration would also be increased by almost double by increasing the number of H1-B visas from a current number of 65,000 to at least 110,000, and possibly much more. Furthermore, dependents of H1-B visa holders who come to the country with them would no longer count against the visa quota, meaning that the total number of workers eligible to come into the country under this system would actually increase much more than the double in visas suggests.

These are just some of the most important provisions of the new proposal. While it hasn’t been passed, or even voted on yet, this potential legislation would represent a substantial overhaul of America’s immigration laws.

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Immigration advocates tentatively welcome new immigration legislation

Austin immigration advocates expressed their support for the Senate’s 844-page immigration reform bill, which is deemed to change the country’s immigration law and make it possible for 11.5 million unauthorized immigrants, with 1 million of them coming from Texas, to become naturalized as citizens. This support, however, did not come without some reservations.

The U.S. Senate finalized the long-awaited reform bill last Wednesday, April 17. Critics of the legislation bashed the provision which states that unauthorized immigrants who came to the U.S. after December 31, 2011 wouldn’t be allowed to apply for temporary legal status.

Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition director Esther Reyes said their group will petition to have the number of people eligible for citizenship expanded and will clamor for reforms to bring together families that have been separated by deportation or detention.

Data from Grassroots Leadership, chaired by Bob Libal, show that more than 400,000 families in Texas were separated because of deportation in 2012.

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