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Republican, Democratic candidates in Texas mark different stances on immigration law

Republican candidates in Texas are of the opinion that stricter policies on immigration would make them popular with state voters as they plan for the March 4 primary elections, looking for support from the party’s base.

Contradictory to this position, the Democrats are banking on strengthening policies for immigrants to work for them, as they plan on capturing the Hispanic voter sector.

State Republicans are veering away from the national party’s more moderate stance on immigration laws to accommodate the wishes of Republican voters in Texas, who are hoping for the implementation of more stringent immigration policies.

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Texas business group leader supports bipartisan immigration reform

Eager for the business sector to be protected instead of being the enforcement body when it comes to the state’s immigration system, the Texas Association of Business (TAB) announced Monday its support for bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform.

Teaming up with a group of religious leaders and law enforcement, TAB’s president Bill Hammond announced this position a day before President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address and two days preceding the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing on the comprehensive immigration reform proposal.

Among the formed group’s main objectives for immigration reform are establishing worker programs, setting a proper citizenship procedure for aspiring citizens, and creating mechanisms for border security and community safety.

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3 Men Accused of Harboring 50 Illegal Immigrants

On Tuesday, January 15, federal agents arrested three El Salvadoran men after they were caught with 50 illegal immigrants in their custody at a mobile home in South Texas.

The three are scheduled for a detention hearing in McAllen after being charged with harboring illegal immigrants. Thus far, the three men accused have denied the allegations.

According to court documents, the men used deadly weapons to coerce the immigrants into submission and, as stated by those held captive, were guarding the exit. An immigrant who escaped led Border Patrol agents to the discovery of the captive immigrants who came from Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

The immigrants are now being held by state officials pending verification of their status.

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Rearrest rate of illegal immigrants at 16 percent

According to a new report by the Congressional Research Service, 16% of illegal immigrants who are arrested on criminal charges are rearrested within three years after their initial release. More than 40,000 cases were studied involving the rearrests of illegal immigrants; 19 were arrested on murder charges, three for attempted murders, and 142 for sex crimes, among others.

Critics blame Obama’s amnesty program for the high rearrest rate. Others claim that the rearrest rate is actually much lower than the national average. According to the Pew Research Center, 43 percent of all released prisoners are rearrested in three years. In California, this rate stands at 65 percent.

The seemingly high rearrest rate of illegal immigrants could be attributed to the Secure Communities program, which doubled deportation rates from 2008 to 2011.

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Arizona immigration law changed by Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court struck down three provisions in Arizona’s immigration law yesterday but unanimously kept the most controversial part. According to Reuters, the justices found it constitutional for police officers to check the immigration status for any individual they stop.

The three statues the court deemed unconstitutional were banning illegal immigrants from soliciting work in public places, requiring immigrants to carry immigration paperwork at all times, and allowing officers to arrest immigrants without warrants.

Many who are against Arizona’s law claim that it could lead to racial and ethnic profiling, though Arizona Governor Jan Brewer says the state will not resort to this measure.

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Asian Americans: the fastest-growing racial group in America

Asian immigrants have become the fastest-growing racial group in the country, surpassing Latino immigrants by five percent. According to a new report by the Pew Research Center, Asians make up 36 percent of new immigrants compared to 31 percent who are Latinos.

Asian immigration has rapidly accelerated due to the increasing demand of highly-skilled workers in the fields of engineering, science, and mathematics. The report states that more than two thirds of adult Asian immigrants are in college or are college graduates.

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau reveals that Asian Americans make up almost six percent of the U.S. population, or about 18.2 million people.

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The Secure Communities program goes into effect in D.C.

The Secure Communities program, a controversial program that allows the Immigration and Customs Enforcement to review arrest data in order to locate illegal immigrants, went into effect in D.C. this week, the Washington Examiner reports.

Every jurisdiction in Virginia and Maryland has already adopted the program, and more than 3,400 convicted illegal immigrants have been apprehended by the ICE. According to statistics, more than 49,000 felons have been deported through Secure Communities.

The District has long resisted the program, and many lawmakers are still fighting to limit its participation. Mayor Vincent Gray claims the program causes a dangerous distrust between D.C.’s residents and local law enforcement.

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