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Austin joins EB-5 program to encourage immigrant investors

Immigrants to Austin, Texas who are willing to pay the right price may have the benefit of expediting their green card application process as the city prepares to join the EB-5 Visa Program, KEYE TV reported on May 29.

The EB-5 visa is a way for immigrants who invest money in United States benefits to obtain a green card. At least $1 million or in certain areas, $500,000, must be invested and be proven to create jobs. The financial investments would contribute to funding housing, roadway, and public transport projects.

The program was created under the Immigration Act of 1990. It is intended to create a win-win situation for local U.S. economies and immigrants who want a green card.

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Immigration reform backed by tea party leader Sal Russo

National tea party leader Sal Russo, who sits as the co-founder of Tea Party Express, issued statements supporting nationwide immigration reform legislation that aims to provide citizenship to the 11.5 million illegal immigrants already residing in the United States, KVUE reported on May 14.

In an opinion piece in the newspaper Roll Call, Russo made public his opinion that the Republican conservatives should be at the forefront of penning a comprehensive immigration measure to ensure that their views, voices, and concerns will have representation. This way, in Russo’s words, the bill will not only cater to the interests of “liberal do-gooder reformers.”

Russo’s declaration is interesting because even though many Republicans have made known that they support the establishment of a nationwide immigration reform measure, members of the Tea Party have been known to oppose the action of crafting such a proposal.

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Measure that would help undocumented in the military faces challenges

House Armed Services Committee chairman Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) expressed his concern that Rep. Jeff Denham’s (R-Calif.) efforts to include an immigration measure in the upcoming defense authorization bill will likely face “some obstacles.”

On May 19, Denham filed his measure as an amendment to a defense policy bill that the House will deal with this week. The measure, also known as the ENLIST Act, seeks to provide legal status to undocumented immigrants serving in the military, specifically covering those who came to the U.S. illegally before they were 15 years old.

House GOP leaders have made it very  clear that they will be voting against the measure. Apparently, according to Denham, “They don’t understand that immigrants… in our military today have given everything to become citizens – some of them losing their life in the process.”

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Democratic, Republican leaders say comprehensive immigration reform could pass this year

Earlier this month, Democratic San Antonio, Texas Mayor Julian Castro and former Republican Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour both stated their belief that Congress could pass comprehensive immigration reform this year.

According to Castro, passing immigration reform can be a matter of timing, and that when the Republican primaries are over, the passage of immigration legislation might be a little easier.

Castro also mentioned that legislators might find a way to resolve political obstacles such as the issue of border security, saying that border security is a term that is “rarely defined” and has been used “politically in a way that ends the discussion.”

Barbour also mentioned border security and highlighted the importance of ensuring that the U.S.’s border is secure, but also stated that he believes immigration reform can be achieved in an “appropriate” way. He also noted that if immigration reform fails, Republicans will likely be blamed for the failure.

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Texas business sector seeks amendments to federal immigration laws

The business sector in Texas has been clamoring for changes to be made to federal immigration laws. Recently, several major trade associations joined the Partnership for a New American Economy, seeking to promote these changes and create a bigger legal immigrant pool from which  to pull a workforce.

Texas Restaurant Association chief executive officer Richie Jackson said Congress should rationally address the immigration issue, saying, “it is really time that we step back from the rhetoric and look at the substance that is being proposed.”

Vegetable and citrus grower representative Ray Prewitt, who also supports a move towards the naturalization of illegal immigrants in the country, said the illegal immigrants provide a workforce for the industry and “if you are going to do those enforcement things, you have to provide for the future flow of workers.”

According to polls done in Texas, Republican voters have strong views on immigration, causing some GOP candidates to take a hard stance on illegal immigration.

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Government shutdown affects 37,000 immigration cases

The 2013 government shutdown has delayed some immigration hearings by a year. Immigration cases meant to be tried during the first few months of 2014 are now relegated to be heard at the end of the year.

In an Oct. 16, 2013 email to his staff, Chief Immigration Judge Brian O’Leary said that over 37,000 deferred immigration hearings probably won’t be heard until 2015.

Before the shutdown, the immigration court system had many pending and unacknowledged immigration cases. This backlogging was only made much worse by the shutdown.

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House Democrats push for vote on immigration reform

Democrats in the House of Representatives are seeking to get the ball rolling on raising the minimum wage and streamlining immigration laws once Congress resumes session on Monday, February 24.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Democrat of California) said the Democrats will make a move on the wage issue after Congress returns from a break by utilizing a “discharge petition,” a legislative tactic that entails getting the support of two dozen of the majority party, in this case the Republicans, and forcing a vote on an issue.

Voting on the overhaul of immigration laws, meanwhile, could happen in a few months, Pelosi said.

The two issues are said to be priorities of President Barack Obama, and that a majority of the Americans found the measures favorable, House Democrats said earlier.

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Police arrest six people at an Austin immigration rally

On Monday, February 3, 6 people were arrested during an anti-deportation rally. The rally occurred near the exit of the Travis County jail.

The six people who were arrested during the protest were identified as Rocio Villalobos, Lindsay Porter, Nancy Rodriguez, Maribel Falcon, Piper Madison, and Cristina Parker. The arrestee’s were detained in Travis County jail and later transferred to a federal building where they awaited Immigration Customs and Enforcement officers.

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