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Immigration reform backed by tea party leader Sal Russo

National tea party leader Sal Russo, who sits as the co-founder of Tea Party Express, issued statements supporting nationwide immigration reform legislation that aims to provide citizenship to the 11.5 million illegal immigrants already residing in the United States, KVUE reported on May 14.

In an opinion piece in the newspaper Roll Call, Russo made public his opinion that the Republican conservatives should be at the forefront of penning a comprehensive immigration measure to ensure that their views, voices, and concerns will have representation. This way, in Russo’s words, the bill will not only cater to the interests of “liberal do-gooder reformers.”

Russo’s declaration is interesting because even though many Republicans have made known that they support the establishment of a nationwide immigration reform measure, members of the Tea Party have been known to oppose the action of crafting such a proposal.

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Over 100 illegal immigrants found in Houston house

The Houston Police Department reported last Wednesday morning, March 19 that they found over 100 people, presumed to be illegal immigrants, locked away in a Houston safe house.

Five men believed to be running the operation were questioned and detained at the scene of the incident.

Police said they started investigating the case when a family residing in Houston reported a woman and her children missing. They then conducted at a stake-out and patrolled the area nearby her place of residence.

Police officers discovered 94 men and 15 women, one of whom was pregnant, locked inside the house. The property only had one functional bathroom.

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Obama prioritizes national comprehensive immigration reform law

President Barack Obama stated on Thursday, October 24 that it is imperative Congress pass a national comprehensive immigration reform law. White House officials have proclaimed that this goal is at the top of Obama’s agenda for his talk at the East Room of the White House, to be participated in by members of both the Senate and the House.

With the government shutdown finally concluded during the third week of October, Obama has made the immigration reform law his priority and has tasked Congress with finishing deliberations on the proposed legislation this year so the law could be signed at least by early next year.

The Senate passed its bipartisan version of the bill last June and wants the House to follow suit. Republicans in the House of Representatives, however, are more amenable to a piece-by-piece type of legislation.

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House debates immigration overhaul

Republican congressmen at the House of Representatives are working towards reviving discussions about a national immigration reform which would naturalize 11,000 immigrants already in the United States.

House judiciary committee chairman Bob Goodlatte (Republican of Virginia) is working with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor to design a measure that would grant citizenship to 11,000 immigrants.

Goodlatte is pushing for the House to cast its vote by the end of October, but so far House leaders have yet to make a commitment.

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