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Bill for lifting green card cap stopped in Senate

A bill that would lift the cap on green cards for high-tech, skilled, foreign workers was approved 389-15 by the House, but has been stopped in the Senate.

The bill is aimed not to allow more people into the country, but to lift the cap of green cards awarded to applicants from certain countries. Advocates for the bill argue that immigrants from large countries are at a significant disadvantage, specifically skilled workers from China and India.

The bill would also not necessarily take jobs from Americans. Before an employer can file for an immigrant worker’s green card, the company has to prove it cannot find American workers with the same skill level, which is usually at least a bachelor’s degree.

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Green card lottery error crushes applicants’ hopes

The Diversity Visa Lottery gives away 50,000 green cards each year. The requirements are simple and straightforward; be from an underrepresented country other than the United States, fill out an application and be selected randomly.

The hard part is defying the odds stacked against you to obtain one of the coveted green cards. Nearly 10 million people apply for this lottery each year in hopes of being able to stay in the United States. On May 1st of this year, a glitch in the program occurred and too many people received a supposed green card from the lottery. People were overjoyed until the State Department released an announcement about their mistake.

According to the State Department, a programming miscalculation distributed an overload of green cards in this year’s lottery. As a result, numerous applicants were crushed with the news when they received notification that their green card had to be withdrawn because of this error.

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Study Shows Record Number of Green Card Holders in U.S.

A study conducted by the Department of Homeland Security found that over one million people from foreign countries were granted permanent residency in the U.S. through a green card.

The study also found that almost two-thirds of the people who obtained residency did so through family members who are citizens of the U.S. An Immigration Act was passed in 1990 that limited the number of people who could gain residence through a green card to less than 675,000, however, many of the people who obtained green card in 2010 were already living in the U.S.

13 percent of the people who gained residency in the U.S. were from Mexico, while 7 percent gained residency from China and India each.

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Immigrations debate in legislative session continues

The proposal of an Arizona-style immigration bill has once again caused a debate in the Texas legislative session.

The bill, House Bill 311, will require law enforcement officials to look at the immigration status of  person if they are arrested, no matter what the offense.

Gov.Rick Perry has said that he is not in favor of any law that would require police officer to demand a person’s immigration status upon request, but he has said that he wants to get rid of “sanctuary cities.”

Many legislators in border towns, such as El Paso, want the bills to focus on reducing crime. Officials have said that they will be considering the bill in this current session.

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San Antonio pastor charged with selling fake I.D.s to immigrants

A pastor in San Antonio has been charged with selling fake documents to illegal immigrants, including green cards and social security cards.

A federal grand jury had indicted the man on charges of conspiracy to defraud the government and manufacturing counterfeit cards.

The 55-year-old pastor and another man, who was also charged, were arrested in mid-December after an internal investigation. The investigation included agents making orders for fake green cards to the man while they watched and then they obtained him.

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Sentences given to green card counterfeiters

Four members of  group that was distributing fake green cards to people in Austin and San Antonio have now been sentenced. Each sentence runs from 10 months to 41 months in prison.

Four of the nine people accused with the conspiracy charges plead guilty in their roles in the operation. The group sold fake identification cards, Social Security cards and green cards.

Although the ringleader of the group denied his involvement, he received the longest sentence. Most of the people were in America illegally and were originally from Mexico or elsewhere. The ring was found after multiple raids were done and equipment to make the illegal documents was found.

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Fifth version of DREAM Act introduced to Congress

The fifth version of the DREAM Act has been introduced to Congress and significant compromises have been made.

The new bills were added to the Act in order to address concerns that were made by Republicans and Democrats that are still on the fence about the issue. For example, the eligibility requirements are now stricter and include bars to those who have committed a misdemeanor and have not shown good moral character since their entry into the U.S. The new bill also requires that a person wait 10 years to receive a “conditional non-immigrant” status and receive a greencard.

On the House side, the bill was almost up for vote on Friday. The current plan is for the House to vote this Friday on a bill that has not been introduced, but that will be similar to changes that were made for the Senate version. Many are hoping that it will win in the House creating momentum for it to pass in the Senate as well.

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Democrats trying to win over Republicans for DREAM Act support

President Obama made a pledge on Tuesday to personally lobby for support for a bill called the DREAM Act, but it is unknown if enough support from Republican Senators can make up for Democrats who are also voting against the bill.

The DREAM Act has been discussed for nearly 10 years and has changed multiple times throughout the decade. The bill now means anyone who was brought to America illegally by their parents when they were under the age of 16, can receive a conditional green cards.

This will put the person on the path to citizenship and give them a chance to serve in the military and go to college. The Senate is where it remains in question on what will happen to the bill because they are in need of 60 votes to block a Republican filibuster that is expected.

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Travis County deports immigrants at highest rate in nation

Undocumented immigrants that have no criminal history are deported from Travis County at a higher rate than any other county in the nation.

According to reports, 82 percent of all immigrants that were deported were non-criminals. Groups such as the Center for Constitutional Rights helped to gather the data for the reports after receiving information from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Law enforcement in the area have said that they question some of the statistics found and need to review them further.

In recent months, a new program called Secure Communities began reviewing finger prints on inmates in the county jail to see if they are criminals they may threaten public safety. Some critics of this program say that it is too close to the law in Arizona.

Between October 2008 and June of 2010, 46,929 people identified in the program were deported from the country and 12,293 were considered non-criminals.

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