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Non-immigrant Visas

Millions of people plan to visit the United States every year. Whether it is for medical needs or simply a sight-seeing visit, they must have permission to enter the country even for this temporary purpose. Some people may be required to obtain a non-immigrant visa in order to be granted entry into the U.S. for this short-term visit.

Immigration laws can be intimidating. There are thousands of laws regarding passage into the United States. If you are looking to visit the U.S. in a non-immigrant status and wish to know more about your rights, contact the Austin non-immigrant visa attorneys of the Law Office of William Jang, PLLC, today at 512-323-2333 with your questions.

Requirements for Non-Immigrant Visitors

In order to receive a non-immigrant visa, it is required that a potential visitor shows that they have a specific purpose for visiting the United States, such as to see a family member or for medical attention. That individual must prove they intend to leave the country in a specific amount of time. This is what differentiates non-immigrant visa status from other visas.

If you or your loved one is one of the thousands of people who already have a non-immigration visa, you may need legal counsel if you are looking to extend your stay in the United States or if you are looking to permanently move to this country in the future. You must file this paperwork as soon as possible, so do not delay speaking with an attorney.

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If issues have arisen with your non-immigrant visa, it is essential to speak with a lawyer about your rights. Legal visits or stays in the U.S. are essential to future immigration possibilities, and the Austin immigration lawyers at the Law Office of William Jang, PLLC, can help you understand the law. Contact an experienced attorney at 512-323-2333 today for your consultation.

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