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Myths about Green Cards

For millions of people across the world, immigrating to the United States is a life-long dream. The abundance of opportunity and the presence of family members are just some of the reasons why America is such a popular destination for so many people. Unfortunately, immigration to the United States can be a complicated process, and a number of common myths about immigration and green cards may mislead some people about the true nature of immigrating to America.

Myth: Green card applicants with any criminal record will be denied.

Fact: While a prior criminal record can be an impairment on an application for a green card or green card renewal, by no means is it an automatic determination of the success or failure of the application. The nature and number of criminal offenses is the most important factor for applicants with a criminal record.

Myth: Only wealthy people can sponsor their parents for a green card.

Fact: The only requirement for an individual sponsoring their parents for a green card is that they be able to financially support their parents. While this does mean that the individual must have some financial means, the requirement that the individual’s income be above 125% of the poverty line is hardly a requirement that they be wealthy.

Myth: If I complete the labor certification process, I will be automatically qualified for a green card.

Fact: While the labor certification process is an important first step in applying for an employment-based green card, successful completion does not necessarily mean that the individual is qualified for a green card. This process is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Labor, and has little effect on a person’s immigration status.

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