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Biometrics and Obtaining a Re-Entry Permit

As a green card holder, there are many things required of you that are not required of American citizens, especially when it comes to traveling outside of the U.S. One of these requirements is obtaining a re-entry permit whenever you want to leave the U.S. for longer than 12 consecutive months. If you do not have a re-entry permit when you try to return to the U.S. after 1 year of being away, you may lose your green card and resident status. For this reason, fulfilling all the requirements of getting a re-entry permit correctly is imperative. Part of successfully completing your application, is submitting your biometrics.

At the Law Office of William Jang, PLLC, our Austin immigration attorneys can help ensure that you fill out the re-entry permit application correctly and prevent costly mistakes that might jeopardize your request. Contact us at 512-323-2333 today to discuss your situation with a skilled and experienced lawyer.

Necessary Information

When applying for a re-entry permit, it is necessary for you to know the following information about the biometrics requirement:

  • Biometrics consists of having your picture and fingerprints taken with regards to a re-entry permit
  • You must schedule an appointment to have your biometrics taken before you leave the U.S.
  • You must provide your biometrics to the Application Support Center (ASC) before leaving the United States

If you have further questions regarding the re-entry permit or the biometrics requirement, a qualified immigration attorney can provide the answers which you need.

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Having a competent and knowledgeable Austin immigration lawyer of the Law Office of William Jang, PLLC, guide you while applying for a re-entry permit or any other immigration document can help ease your worries and burdens. Contact us by calling 512-323-2333 for committed and capable legal counsel.

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